Moments can sell


If you’re an NGO, chances are you are doing great things.  But does the general public—or even your public—relate to this work?  Do they feel the emotional tie that you feel?

Sometimes the emotion is in a moment…

Whether it’s a disabled veteran mentoring a disadvantaged boy with no father, a Special Ed teacher working long hours to make sure every student succeeds, or a single urban mom who never finished middle school proudly watching her daughter graduate college, telling the stories of your organization’s greatest moments will inspire everyone who reads about them.

Here are just a few samples of the many stories we have told for non-profits across the country:

The SEED School of Washington D.C.
Scaling mountain peaks

Reading Partners
Before Jason reads, you have to read Jason

CAS-Carrera Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program
Turning kids “at risk” into kids “at promise”

Gateway to College
Learning how to go for the gold again

PACE Center for Girls
Teaching Jordan how to be Jordan

Center for Employment Opportunities
Goodbye to gang life and prison

Communities in Schools
Learning what it takes to be a real man