What our clients say about us...

Scott Fields was an invaluable member of our creative team, and major contributor to the groundbreaking Interactive version of Discovery Communication's Walking with Dinosaurs. His ability to research and conceptualize this multi level project which married old and new media, as well as his practical approach to good story writing, was a major contribution to our receiving the CTAM 2000 award for New Media.

- Rosemary Danon, Vice President Interactive, Ascent Media (formerly of Liberty Live Wire)


Scott worked with me at AltUse.com as our copywriter and Director of Marketing. He's very clever and always on target with his writing and generally gets it right on the first draft. It was especially great working with Scott at a start-up because he was so helpful in terms of defining our voice and expressing it. As Director of Marketing, he was intimately involved with overall marketing strategy and corporate identity. He was responsible for bringing in a team of marketing experts to form a marketing advisory board that was key to our growth as a company. In terms of PR efforts, he did an awesome job working with the press (and coaching me for interviews with journalists!). Thank you Scott for a job well done!

- Benjamin Goldfarb, CEO, AltUse.com


Scott Fields did a great job scripting the financial services industry promotional videos we created for Applied Equities Inc. and The Diversified Lending Group. Because there’s rarely any waste in what Scott writes, we used just about everything we shot. The end product was well-paced, easy to understand, and very professional.

- Maury Gomberg, Video Services Un-Limited, L.L.C.


Scott Fields was a huge help when it came time to expand our business management practice into a whole new area. He did a terrific job scripting our marketing presentations, as well as in honing the text on our web site into a focused message. He wrote the copy for our brochure, the most effective piece of marketing material we’ve ever had.

- Ron Moore, CPA, PFS, RIA Financial Specialists, Inc.


Scott is talented writer who follows direction, is creative in his approach and does the required research to deliver a great product. He takes great pride in his deliverable which is rare these days.

- Larry Turkheimer, President, The Litco Group


Scott's high level of professionalism and knowledge of sustainability promotes an unparalleled service to our company on various cosmetic enclosure products we offer our clients. I hope you will have the pleasure to work with Scott and find out what an invaluable asset he can be to your company.

- Hiram Santana, Cosmetic Specialties, Inc.


Scott is a very creative copywriter who is also very impressive when it comes to overall marketing strategy.  He has worked with me at my agency on several different projects and is awesome at getting it right in terms of what the client wants – whether that’s with branding (as he did with the tagline for Health Care Staffing partnership), web copy (as he did for Blufeld Wines), or print material, which he’s done on several occasions.  He’s a whole lot of fun to work with and he’s always professional in everything he does.

- Marc Eisenman, President and Creative Director, 10 Point 10


Scott always gets it right when it comes to marketing our accounting services to potential clientele. The sales letters he writes for our direct marketing campaigns have been creative and attention grabbing -- and the same can be said of what he's done with our website content and brochures. He's awesome as our part-time Director of Marketing because he knows how to reach out into the marketplace and bring new clients into the company

- Kevin Breard, Managing Partner, Breard & Associate


We brought Scott in on an emergency basis to write the copy for our brochures, banners, and animations for a trade show which was two weeks away. He worked closely with us for a couple of days and created some excellent material with a common theme that was carried through all media channels. He also contributed many original ideas that helped us get our ideas across to our customers.

- Joel Grasmeyer, PropertyTracker.com

Scott Fields truly understands the needs of clients to communicate quickly and effectively, especially in today's business environment. His sparkling copy and on-target messaging were exactly what we needed for a client in the commercial real estate industry. Scott has the expertise to take something complicated and boil it down to its essence.

- David Fikse, Principal, 4sight Communications


Scott Fields did a terrific job presenting us on-line, and in our marketing materials, as a mortgage company that is deeply committed to the multicultural communities we serve. He made the mortgage process understandable with his simple, direct style, at the same time successfully sending the message that we're in the business of dreams.

- Jeffrey Torrez, President, Pacific Residential, Inc.


Scott Fields learns fast. He learned about the construction industry when we brought him in to do a brochure and other marketing materials for a large construction services company. He learned about the beauty industry when we brought him in to do a post card campaign for a cutting edge tool used by beauty technicians. In both cases, he provided just the right text that was needed.

- Adam Weston, Weston Graphics


I have used Words Can Sell services to edit the contents of our health and wellness website, and from the response I have received so far, this was the best money spent in a long, long time. Scott's language skills are excellent and the message that he conveys through writing directly translates into more income, a better image and a better presence on the web. I will highly recommend Scott's services to anyone.

- Yaron Seidman L.Ac., President, Hunyuan Group Inc.


Scott took some uninspired copy on our web site and turned it on its head with the use of clever headlines and fresh text. He clearly knows what he's doing when it comes to writing for a retail outlet.

- Alan Comins, Premier Carpets


Given that we manufacture high quality jewelry and hand bags, we needed well-written, sophisticated copy for our web site. Scott came in and did the job overnight.

- Asher Yaron, Neshama


Scott re-wrote the text on my web site, condensing the essentials into a concise message, bringing out the main themes in describing my Acupuncture/Complementary Medicine practice, and balancing the tone between Eastern and Western medicine. He gave my site content the spark it needed.

- Dr. Mindy Boxer


Scott is one of the best writers I've worked with. His work is first class and he is always on time and on deadline. I've used Scott on several magazine articles and he's always done a fantastic job.

- Deam Roys, Founder and CEO, Roys and Assoc.


Scott is an amazing writer. He is creative and passionate about his clients as well as his words he puts on paper.

- Nina LaMonte, Director of Marketing, Women in Need      


Scott is a joy to work with. Without meeting once in person we flew Scott to Kentucky to work on our project. He was professional and an excellent listener. Our client really felt heard and all of our needs were met.

- Pam Vitaz, Founder, Inner Journey Tours


I've had the privilege of working with Scott on a number of projects both in long form and in the digital space and I'm always impressed by his ability to listen so intently and then to deliver stellar writing that is both compelling and very well realized. He really knows his craft and brings such a high level to everything that he writes.

- David Gadarian, President, Gadarian Digital